Ennai Paar Yogam Varum

Ennai Paar Yogam Varum is a 2007 Tamil action comedy film directed by M. Jameen Raj. The film features Mansoor Ali Khan and newcomer Manju in lead roles, with Kandeepan, Kutty, Priyanka Shailu, R. Sundarrajan, Anuradha, Abhinayashree, Ponnambalam and Manikka Vinayagam playing supporting roles. The film, produced by Mansoor Ali Khan, had musical score by A. K. Vasagan and was released on 6 July 2007 after many delays.


The lovers Meena (Priyanka Shailu) and Jeeva (Kutty) elope and they decide to get married at the registrar's office. Meena's father Anandaraman (R. Sundarrajan) orders the rowdy Jaga (Mansoor Ali Khan) to bring him his daughter back and to put Jeeva in jail. At the registrar's office, Jaga and his sidekicks break the arm of the deputy tehsildar Krishnamoorthy (Manikka Vinayagam) and he forges his signature on a marriage document. Jaga tracks down the lovers in a police station and he blames Jeeva of kidnapping Meena and for signature forgery. Jeeva is then put in police lockup and Jaga forcefully brings Meena to her father.