Kattula Kondaiah

Kattula Kondaiah

Kattula Kondaiah is a 1985 Telugu-language action film, produced by Kella Rama Swamy in the banner of Prasanna Arts and directed by S. B. Chakravarthy. It stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, Sumalatha, and music is scored by K. Chakravarthy. Satyanand wrote the dialogues and screenplay for the story by S. B. Chakravarthy.


The film begins with frightful ruffian Kattula Kondaiah, employed by two direful MLA Madhava Rao and his brother-in-law Prasad Rao, who conspires with one other. Exploiting it, Kondaiah seeks his vengeance when he is rearwards. He is Kiran, a virtuous scaredy-cat journalist striving to elicit society's injustice. He loves a spirited girl, Jyoti, daughter of Madhava Rao. Inspector Vijay, Jyoti's brother, promises to knit them. In tandem, Madhava Rao & Prasad Rao undertake an indictable offense as justness triggered by Kiran. Hence, they strike him when he is saved by a stranger, Narayana, a convict acquitted from jail. Narayana realizes Kiran is the son of his friend Dharma Rao and turns him into a fearless. Just then, his mother, Annapurna, divulges Narayana as the homicide of her husband.

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    director S. B. Chakravarthy
    editor D. Venkataratnam
    genre action
    keywords hear member of the legislative assembly mla scar
    musicBy K. Chakravarthy
    producer Kella Rama Swamy
    productionCompany Prasanna Arts