Kaalam Maari Pochu

Kaalam Maari Pochu

Kaalam Maari Pochu is a 1956 Indian Tamil-language film released in 1956 starring Gemini Ganesan and Anjali Devi. It is a remake of the Telugu film Rojulu Marayi.


The story focuses social and economic issues faced by farmers in rural areas and intertwined with a love story. A money lender in the village surreptitiously grabs the lands of poor farmers after lending them money. The un-educated poor farmers lose their lands due to ignorance. Later, the son of a poor farmer, who is educated, bares the truth about the money lender and in the presence of the District Collector gives back the lands to the owners.

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    director Tapi Chanakya
    editor Sanjeevi
    genre drama
    keywords love story rural area social justice
    musicBy Master Venu
    producer C. V. R. Prasath
    productionCompany Sarathi Films
    publisher A.V.M. Ltd. Madras