Mother India

Mother India is a 1992 Telugu-language drama film produced by T. Diwakar Rao under the D.D.R. Productions banner and directed by B. V. Ramana Reddy. It starrs Jagapati Babu, Sharada, Sindhuja and music composed by Chakravarthy.


The film begins with the 1960’s Government Land Ceiling Act. Being cognizant of it a venomous squire Duryodhana Rao purports his 200 acres under the Benami of men suppressed under his toe. He also notifies his mate Jaganatham who sneaky sells his land to his sibling Rajyalakshmi and migrates to the city. After a while, the hoodwink breaks, hitherto it is too late. Rajyalakshmi's family loses most as a result, her husband Krishna Murthy becomes a wanderer. Therefrom, Rajyalakshmi strives hard for survival and rearing 3 infant kids by cultivating the left-over land. Spotting it, the younger one Sivaji supports his mother by quitting his education. Years roll by, and Rajyalakshmi & Shivaji toil and molds the elder Ashok as an IAS, but he turns self-centered. Presently, Jaganatham reached the top as MP. Regardless, he is still tyrannizing the farmers by mingling with Duryodhana Rao and his wife Mahakaali. They play by failing to obtain the farmer’s prime cost of crop and trample the daily laborers.