Ee Varsham Sakshiga

Ee Varasham Sakshiga (As a rain witness) is a 2014 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Ramana Mogili. Rajendra Bharadwaj provided the screenplay and Nandamuri Hari did the editing for the film. The film was released worldwide on 13 December 2014.


Jai (Varun Sandesh) meets a girl Mahalakshmi (Haripriya) in a train and falls in love with her in course of the journey. He accidentally attends a ceremony which turns out to be Mahalakshmi's engagement and is left heartbroken. But to his surprise, Mahalakshmi elopes with the groom whom she was engaged to along with Jai. They went to Hyderabad after knowing that the groom had loved a Muslim girl Jai and his friends successfully elopes with her then the fight ensues with the girl's father (Jeeva) in this process they successfully conduct their marriage this incident impresses Maha by Jai's actions. Later she accepts her family's marriage proposal for saving her father's reputation after knowing this Jai was heartbroken again. Later Maha realises she was loving meanwhile with his friends encouragement he comes to her hometown to confess his feelings on her.


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    director Ramana Mogili
    editor Nandamuri Hari
    genre comedy
    keywords engage love marriage proposal meet
    musicBy Anil Gopi Reddy
    theme romantic comedy