Everywoman's Husband

Everywoman's Husband is a 1918 American silent drama film directed by Gilbert P. Hamilton and starring Gloria Swanson. A print of the film is preserved at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.


As described in a film magazine, when the will of Jonathan Rhodes (Pearce) was read, a third of the estate was left to a woman unknown to his family. This revelation had no effect on Mrs. Rhodes (Langdon), whose iron rule in the home had been his means of seeking other company. She insisted upon regulating the affairs of her married daughter's life with the result that Frank Emerson (King), the young husband, soon became involved in an affair with Delia Marshall (West), a designer. Edith Emerson (Swanson) then began a battle to win her husband that was finally successful, but not before she asserted herself and lets her mother know that her presence in the household was no longer welcome.

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    director Gilbert P. Hamilton
    genre drama
    keywords film magazine married
    publisher Triangle Film Corporation