Wild Horse Stampede

Wild Horse Stampede

Wild Horse Stampede is a 1943 American Western film directed by Alan James and starring Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson, who play marshals with their own names in the manner of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. It was the first of eight Monogram Pictures "The Trail Blazers" film series, replacing the studio's Range Busters series.


Cowboys Hoot Gibson and Ken Maynard try to help newly appointed sheriff Bob Tyler. The Army needs a herd of horses to help protect the new railroad line from Indian attacks, but bad guy and town boss Carson tries to stop the delivery. Gibson, Maynard, and Tyler must save the day.

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    director Alan James
    editor Fred Bain
    genre western
    keywords bad guy indian attack save the day town boss
    musicBy Frank Sanucci
    producer Robert Emmett Tansey
    productionCompany Monogram Pictures