Konjum Kumari   கொஞ்சும் குமரி

Konjum Kumari கொஞ்சும் குமரி

Konjum Kumari (தமிழ்: கொஞ்சும் குமரி, English: Enticing Girl) is 1963 Tamil language action film, directed by G. Viswanathan and produced by T. R. Sundaram under his own company Modern Theatres. The script was written by Mana and K. Devarajan, an expert at writing comedy scenes. Music was by Vedha. The film stars Manorama and R. S. Manohar in the lead roles, with S. V. Ramadoss, A. Karunanidhi and K. K. Soundar in supporting roles. The film ran successfully in many centers in Madras. Konjum Kumari was Modern Theatres' 97th film.


Alli (Manorama) is a veritable jungle queen who rescues Rajangam (R. S. Manohar), where gang of robbers attack him in the forest. She loses her heart to him, but he turns her down. So, the rifle-toting heroine forces him to marry her at gunpoint. When the villain abducts Rajangam's brother for ransom, it's Alli who comes to the rescue again. How this and other events unite the couple forms the rest of the movie.

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    director G. Viswanathan
    editor L. Balu
    genre action comedy
    keywords manorama rescue
    musicBy Vedha
    producer T. R. Sundaram
    productionCompany Modern Theatres
    publisher Modern Theatres
    theme action comedy