Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is a 2024 live-action/animated slapstick comedy film directed by Jon Rosenbaum, based on the cartoon character of the same name and serving as a standalone sequel to the 2017 film Woody Woodpecker and the second installment of the Woody Woodpecker live action film series. It is written by Stephen Mazur and Cory Edwards and produced by Jon Kuyper. The film is produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment in co-production with Universal Animation Studios and distributed by Netflix.


After getting kicked out of the forest for tormenting an influencer camper until he can redeem himself, Woody decides that he can redeem himself by learning about teamwork in the nearby Camp Woo Hoo, but after arriving, an escaped convict named Buzz Buzzard arrives shortly and then poses as the chef of rival camp Camp Hoo Rah, to rob a hidden treasure.