Have Dreams, Will Travel

Have Dreams, Will Travel (also known as West Texas Lullaby, A West Texas Children's Story, and Dream It Out Loud) is a 2007 drama film set in the 1960s. Inspired by true events, it was written and directed by Brad Isaacs and stars AnnaSophia Robb and Cayden Boyd.


Narrator Benjamin Reynolds (Cayden Boyd) lives with neglectful parents in 1960s west Texas: a mother (Lara Flynn Boyle) who is, as Ben states, "psychotically obsessed with movie stars to a point that defies explanation" and a father (Matthew Modine) who is overly obsessed with his boat. Ben explains how his father meets his mother under vulnerable circumstances and describes how his "folks never should have married, and they definitely should have never had a kid." "But they did, it happens. The randomness of life and all that." Ben goes on explaining how things got worse and worse due to his parents obsessions, his mother hiring handymen that resembled attractive movie stars to fix problems his father could have fixed but didn't because he was concentrating on constructing his boat.