The Road to Love

The Road to Love (Spanish: Los Briceño), is a Colombian comedy telenovela produced by Juan Carlos Villamizar for Caracol Televisión. The series production began on February 2019, and is recorded in 4K Ultra-high-definition television. The production was presented at the 2019 LA Screenings, and is stars Katherine Escobar Farfán, Juan Manuel Restrepo, Mario Espitia, César Mora, Carmenza González, José Daniel Cristancho, Maria Laura Quintero, and Toto Vega.


The show revolves around Cecilia (Farfán), better known as "La Chiqui", the youngest daughter of a truck driver family. In the middle of this universe of trucks, where macho bullies, popular music and road loves reign, La Chiqui becomes pregnant at 16. Being a young and attractive woman who is opening her field in this environment dominated by machismo and discrimination, she decides to hide her son's father's name. His father, Don Armando (César Mora), the patriarch of the family, is offended and throws her out of the house, forcing her to face alone a world in which no one believes in her because she is a woman, but with her work she will be able to move forward, becoming a Respected woman in her guild.