Slippy McGee

Slippy McGee is a 1923 American silent drama film directed by Wesley Ruggles and based on the book Slippy McGee: Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler that was published in 1917. The film was an Oliver Morosco Production released by Associated First National and featured actress Colleen Moore as Mary Virginia. It is not known whether the film survives.


The title is also the moniker of a renowned safe-cracker, Slippy McGee, who has always managed to evade capture until his latest job, when he is wounded. He escapes aboard a freight train, bound for parts unknown, and finds himself in the town of Appleborro. There, he is discovered and cared for by Father De Rance and Mary Virginia. His leg is amputated, and during his recovery in Appleborro, the town's influence causes him to reform. He becomes interested in the local butterflies, De Rance's hobby, and becomes so knowledgeable in them that he becomes a published expert. Slippy has fallen in love with Mary Virginia, but she plans to marry Lawrence Mayne. However, George Inglesby determines that he wants Mary Virginia for himself, and decides to blackmail Mary Virginia into marrying him using incriminating letters he has in his possession. Wishing Mary to be happy, Slippy resorts to his old ways, breaking into the safe where the letters are kept and thus freeing Mary Virginia of the power George has over her.

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    director Wesley Ruggles
    editor Charles G. Clarke
    genre drama
    keywords break freight train wound
    producer Oliver Morosco
    productionCompany Oliver Morosco Productions
    publisher First National Pictures