Ek Baar Phir

Ek Baar Phir (; translation: Once Again) is a 1980 film produced and directed by Vinod Pande. This offbeat social drama casts Suresh Oberoi and Deepti Naval as lead pair with Saeed Jaffrey, Chitto Chopra, Pradeep Verma, Vinod Pande in support cast.


Kalpana (Deepti Naval), a middle class girl, is excited about her marriage with a film star Mahendar Kumar (Suresh Oberoi). The star is busy with his profession and is a flirt. Kalpana learns this after marriage and finds Mahendar has no time to spend with her. Both happen to visit London on Mahendar's project. There she meets a young student Vimal (Pradeep Verma), studying arts at London University, who makes art works of the people around and exhibits them. He requests Kalpana for a sketch, which she obliges. They meet very often and fall in love with each other. With him, Kalpana sees the new phase and joy of life, which she has not seen earlier. They get intimate and Kalpana fells guilty about this. She stops meeting Vimal for some time. One day she finds a letter from Vimal and replies him. She starts meeting him again and finds herself swaying between Mahendar and Vimal. At this juncture, she decides to break away from Mahendar and joins Vimal to lead a joyful life. The rest story shows the turn of events thereafter, in the lives of Mahendar, Kalpana and Vimal.

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    director Vinod Pande
    editor Pradeep Roy
    genre drama social
    keywords film star joy of life meet middle class
    musicBy Raghunath Seth
    producer Vinod Pande