Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes!

Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes!

is a Japanese television series that aired from April 2, 2017, to March 25, 2018, on TV Tokyo. The show is the first installment of the Girls × Heroine Series conceived by Takara Tomy and OLM, Inc. with the assistance of Shogakukan and EXPG Studio, aimed towards a female demographic between ages 2 to 6. The general director of the series is Takashi Miike, supported by a staff full of newcomer screenwriters and directors. The series stars Asaka Uchida, Suzuka Adachi, Yuzuha Oda, Rina Usukura, and Mio Nishiyama. The plot is centered on Japanese idol girl group Miracle² (pronounced "miracle miracle"), elementary and middle school girls who transform into Idol Warriors to retrieve the Sound Jewels, artifacts from the Music Kingdom, to stop the Demon King from taking over the world.


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    director Takashi Miike
    genre drama
    publisher TV Tokyo