The Firechasers

The Firechasers

The Firechasers is a 1971 British crime film directed by Sidney Hayers and starring Chad Everett, Anjanette Comer, and Keith Barron. Its plot concerns an insurance investigator who tries to find out who is behind a series of arson attacks. The film was shot at Pinewood Studios.


While investigating the cause of a series of lethal fires in London, U.S. insurance man Quentin Barnaby falls in love with beautiful journalist Toby Collins. Working alongside and pooling information with Toby and her photographer, Jim Maxwell, Barnaby hopes they share a common goal, that of "firechasing" the identity of the arsonist responsible.

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    contentLocation London
    director Sidney Hayers
    editor Lionel Selwyn
    genre crime
    keywords id
    musicBy Laurie Johnson
    producer Julian Wintle
    productionCompany ITC Entertainment
    publisher Rank Film Distributors