One Week and a Day

One Week and a Day

One Week and a Day (or Shavua ve Yom, ) is a 2016 Israeli drama film directed by Asaph Polonsky. It was screened in the International Critics' Week section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Gan Foundation Support for Distribution Award. It was one of five films nominated for the Best Film Award at the Ophir Awards.


Eyal Spivak is shown at the end of a weeks mourning for his late son. He shows indifference to his neighbors since they purposefully avoided them when his son was near death. He and his wife Vicky agree to return to their routine, but instead Eyal chooses to go after a blanket they missed at the hospice and finds medical marijuana, prescribed for his late son, there. He smuggles it and decides to get high with the help of a young neighbor and bonds with him. Vicky asks him to book burial plots near their son, but he forgets and loses the plot. Eyal tries to get the plot and even attends the burial process of the person that is getting their plot and finds closure. Vicky who had a tough day gets emotional when she hears from Eyal that they have lost the plot. After the day Eyal sets out to change things in his life and consider living worth by starting to make his wife smile.

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    director Asaph Polonsky
    genre drama
    keywords end medical marijuana mourn
    producer Naomi Levari