The Ice Forest

The Ice Forest

The Ice Forest is a 2014 thriller film written and directed by Claudio Noce and starring Emir Kusturica, Kseniya Rappoport and Adriano Giannini. It premiered at the 2014 Rome Film Festival.


Pietro, a young specialized technician, arrives in a small Alpine town on the Slovenian border to repair a fault in the high-altitude power plant and then suddenly finds himself faced with a strange disappearance. A strong clash is therefore created between the young Pietro and two brothers, Lorenzo and Secondo, who work and live in that area. Once Pietro discovers the origin of the secrets hidden in the valley, all tension erupts, starting a game of distorting mirrors in which no one, not even Lana, the bear expert, is immune from suspicion.

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    director Claudio Noce
    editor Andrea Maguolo
    genre thriller
    keywords power plant
    producer Matteo Rovere
    publisher Fandango