The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is a 1926 American silent drama film directed by Clarence G. Badger and written by Gerald Beaumont, Louis D. Lighton, and Hope Loring. The film stars William Collier, Jr., Georgia Hale, Ernest Torrence, Brandon Hurst, Joseph J. Dowling, and Tom Wilson. The film was released on May 10, 1926, by Paramount Pictures.


As described in a film magazine review, due to an injury received during the war, a jockey is told he will never ride again. However, the injury also allows him to know through prayer whether it will rain, the knowledge useful in his betting on horse races. His nurse Nell Wendell falls in love with him, but she is later discharged from the hospital. She becomes a dancer in a saloon owned a lifetime friend, who has refused to sell his property to a rival who believies that there is oil on the land. A plague breaks out and the rival prevents aid from coming in. The jockey prays for rain with the aid of the parish priest and it comes. Nells’s friend in his will leaves his property to the couple.