The Shamrock Handicap

The Shamrock Handicap

The Shamrock Handicap is a 1926 American romance film directed by John Ford.


As described in a film magazine review, young Neil Ross bids good bye to Sheila and sails to America with Finch, who promises to make him a famous jockey. Neil is injured in his first race and is partially paralyzed. Sheila and her father, now bankrupt, come to America and learn of Neil's sad plight. Rosaleen, an Irish filly and the last of Sheila's father's prize string, is entered in the big handicap and Neil is heartbroken because he cannot ride her. At the last minute before the race, the scheduled jockey is injured. Neil jumps into the saddle, rides Rosaleen to victory, curing his paralysis at the same time. With the winnings, they all sail back to Ireland.

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    director John Ford
    genre romance
    keywords injured paralyze string win
    producer John Ford
    publisher Fox Film Corporation