The Big Shot-Caller

The Big Shot-Caller

The Big Shot-Caller is a 2008 independent dramedy film. Marlene Rhein wrote, directed and co-starred in the film. Rhein wrote the film, inspired by her brother, David, who has Aniridia with Pathologic nystagmus, but overcame the obstacle and became a competitive Salsa dancer. The brother and sister starred in the film together.


Jamie Lessor's life is a bit out of focus. His childhood dream was to be a Salsa dancer, but his rare eye condition made that dream seem impossible. His best friend and big sister, Lianne, ran away from home when he was a boy and left him to be raised by his grumpy poker-playing father. Working as a shy, friendless accountant in Manhattan, Jamie is beginning to wonder if true happiness is out of his reach. That is, until he meets Elissa who brings him to life. Blinded by love, he can't see that it's a mismatch from the start. When she suddenly stops communicating with him, Jamie finds himself heartbroken and alone again. After ten years of separation, he reluctantly calls Lianne for advice. But Lianne has her own problems and reminds Jamie that, in life, "God is the big shot-caller" and maybe God is trying to tell Jamie to love himself first. Lianne pushes Jamie to come to terms with his fears and to begin the search for himself. He ultimately finds himself, and love, on the dance floor.

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    director Marlene Rhein
    editor Christine Giorgio
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords begin best friend big shot
    musicBy Justin Asher
    producer Christine Giorgio Erika Yeomans
    productionCompany Stella Films