The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain is a 1926 German mountain film directed by Arnold Fanck and starring Leni Riefenstahl, Luis Trenker and Frida Richard. It was the future filmmaker Riefenstahl's first screen appearance as an actress. Written by Arnold Fanck and Hans Schneeberger, the film is about a dancer who meets and falls in love with an engineer at his cottage in the mountains. After she gives her scarf to one of his friends, the infatuated friend mistakenly believes that she loves him. When the engineer sees her innocently comforting his friend, he mistakenly believes she is betraying him.

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    director Arnold Fanck
    editor Arnold Fanck
    events Alps
    genre adventure drama
    musicBy Edmund Meisel
    producer Harry R. Sokal
    productionCompany Universum Film AG
    publisher UFA
    theme mountain