The Lawrenceville Stories

The Lawrenceville Stories (also known as The Prodigious Hickey) is a 1987–1989 miniseries, directed by Allan A. Goldstein and Robert Iscove, based on The Lawrenceville Stories written by Owen Johnson. The series was originally broadcast as episodes of the American Playhouse anthology television series on Public Broadcasting Service starting on January 26, 1987 (Season 6, Episode 2). It follows the adventures of school prankster Hickey (Zach Galligan) and his rival, The Tennessee Shad (Nicholas Rowe).


Lawrenceville prankster Hickey pulls one prank too many and is expelled from school. When he returns he finds that there's a new joker in town, The Tennessee Shad, and although they initially are rivals, they soon realize that together they can cause more trouble, so they establish a partnership that they call "The Firm".

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    genre adventure
    keywords expelled from school