A Railway Collision

A Railway Collision

A Railway Collision (also known as A Railroad Wreck) is a 1900 British short silent drama film, directed by Walter R. Booth and produced by Robert W. Paul. It was one of a number of sensationalist "trick films" made at Paul's Animatograph Works, his studio in Muswell Hill in north London, and represents one of only a very small number of surviving films by Paul.


The film depicts a stretch of single-track railway, along which a slow train runs through a mountainous terrain on an embankment on a lake and a yacht with a tunnel in the background. The train passes the signal on the road and then stops. While the train begins reversing back up the track, an express train leaves the tunnel in front, collides with the other train and both are thrown down the embankment.


    More details

    director Walter R. Booth
    genre drama
    keywords on the road scream write
    producer Robert W. Paul
    productionCompany Paul's Animatograph Works
    theme short trick