Somewhere in Turkey

Somewhere in Turkey is a 1918 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.


A girl (Bebe Daniels) survives a shipwreck. Upon reaching shore, she is apprehended by several soldiers of a sultan who forcibly bring her to him. The girl immediately rejects the sultan's advances and is promptly thrown into a basement jail cell. A professor (Harold Lloyd) and his assistant (Snub Pollard) are travelling by camel through the desert. The out-of-control beast brings them to the sultan's residence. They find a rock bearing an Arabic inscription. Curious, they venture inside to find out what the words mean. They inadvertently interrupt the sultan watching a dancing girl. The angry sultan tells the visitors that the rock bears a warning that if any white man enters the building, he will not leave it alive. The two men try to flee, but Harold is eventually caught. He is erroneously put in the same jail cell as the girl. When the sultan sees this mistake, he angrily breaks into the cell to punish both of them. Harold uses the opportunity to escape with the girl and head for Brooklyn on his camel.

    More details

    director Alfred John Goulding
    genre comedy
    keywords build dancing girl jail cell rock warn
    producer Hal Roach
    productionCompany Rolin Films
    publisher Pathé Exchange
    theme short