The Pasha's Daughter

The Pasha's Daughter is a 1911 American silent short drama produced by the Thanhouser Company. The film based on a true story. The film focuses on an American named Jack who is traveling in Turkey. He befriends an aged Turk and is arrested as a conspirator against the government. His first attempt to flee the jail failed, but the second succeeds. Jack flees into the courtyard of the Pasha and is hidden from the guards by the Pasha's daughter. Disguised as a woman, Jack makes his escape with her aid, but she refuses his offer to flee with him. A year later, the Pasha's daughter is ushered in and announces that she wants to be his bride.


The film begins with Jack Sparks, a young American, who is traveling in Turkey. He befriends an aged Turk during a carriage ride and the Turk invites Jack into his home. The man smokes from a hookah and several of other men arrive and speak with the Turk whilst Jack wanders about the house. Soon afterwards, the men are all arrested for conspiracy against the government and Jack is imprisoned as one of the conspirators. In jail, Jack tries to make his escape and throws the guard to the ground, no sooner has he left the cell is he forced back by two more guards. He struggles in vain, but is once again locked in his cell. Jack gets an idea to escape when he sees the bed sheet and the cell window. Using his pocket knife, he digs out the bar of the cell window and drops to freedom. He struggles and overpowers a guard before climbing over the wall and into the courtyard of the Pasha's palace.