Naan Petha Magane

Naan Petha Magane is a 1995 Tamil-language comedy-drama film directed by V. Sekhar. The film stars Manorama, Nizhalgal Ravi, Raadhika and Urvashi . The film, produced by Tamilselvi Sekhar, had musical score by Chandrabose and was released on 15 January 1995. Although initially received with some protest, the film went on to become a major hit at the box office.


Ravi (Nizhalgal Ravi) is a small company owner and he lives with his mother Aandal (Manorama) who treasures him a lot. The old women of the neighbourhood warn Aandal about having a son. Surprise by their warnings, Aandal first makes her son the less attractive as possible : forcing him to wear old-fashioned clothes. One day, the straightforward lawyer Indra (Raadhika) complains to Ravi about one of his peons and she advises him to be more elegant. Ravi begins to like her, he is now wearing coat-suit at work and replaces his business tactics. They slowly fall in love with each other. Aandal agrees to the marriage and wants to meet Indra. Indra invites them one day for a lunch, there Aandal doesn't like Indra who is an outspoken modern girl. When Aandal tells it to her son, Ravi cannot bear it and says that he will not change his mind. Aandal then attempts to commit suicide but the neighbours save her in time. Ravi, being extremely shocked by the incident, decides to forget his lover. Few weeks later, the innocent woman Uma Maheswari (Urvashi) elopes from her village, she is later accommodated in Aandal's house. Aandal really appreciates the naive Uma and arranges the wedding between her son and Uma. Ravi and Uma live happily together but Aandal becomes increasingly a very possessive mother. Due to Aandal performances Uma Maheshwari attempted suicide. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.