Dr. Broadway

Dr. Broadway is a 1942 American mystery film directed by Anthony Mann (as his directorial debut) and written by Borden Chase and Art Arthur. The film stars Macdonald Carey, Jean Phillips, Eduardo Ciannelli, Richard Lane, J. Carrol Naish, Joan Woodbury and Arthur Loft. The film was released on May 9, 1942, by Paramount Pictures.


After foiling a phony suicide attempt by Connie Madigan, an aspiring actress seeking publicity by stepping onto a ledge, Dr. Tim Kane, who practices medicine in the Broadway district of New York City, vouches for her to keep Connie from being arrested and hires her as his assistant.

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    contentLocation New York City
    director Anthony Mann
    editor Arthur P. Schmidt
    genre comedy crime mystery
    keywords arrest end kiss suicide attempt
    musicBy Robert E. Dolan
    producer Sol C. Siegel
    productionCompany Paramount Pictures
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme crime comedy