Rosapoo (English: Rose Flower) is a 2018 Malayalam-language film produced by Shibu Thameens. The film stars Biju Menon andNeeraj Madhav in the lead roles along with Soubin Shahir, Anjali, Alencier Ley Lopez and Vijayaraghavan. The film is directed by Vinu Joseph. The films music is composed by Sushin Shyam. The film was based on a story written by Vinu Joseph. The film portrays the porn movie market that boomed in the 2000–2010 year time period.


The story is centred around a small village in Kochi. Shajahan is a businessman who is suffering a loss in his brick and mortar business and tries his hand into many small businesses with his friend Ambrose to earn some money. The idea of businesses from agarbatheese to egg and them to porn movie is the idea of their friend Bhanu. Shahjahan had been taking money for all the businesses from money lender Velayudhan for their business ventures. In order to solve thee previous dues he takes further a lot of money from his in the name of a porn movie. They find an actress and a writer with the help of Sajeer. The movie actress falls in love with Ambrose in between the shoot. Later Shajahan and Ambrose gets cheated by Sajeer as he conspires with the theatre owners to get the whole profit. Shajahan and Ambrose comes to know about cheating only after the film becomes a hit.