Saimin (; Hypnosis in English, released as The Hypnotist in United States on DVD) is a 1999 Japanese horror film. The film is directed by Masayuki Ochiai and is based on a novel by Keisuke Matsuoka. A string of suicides prove to be linked. The death of a young athlete, a groom at his wedding and an elderly man celebrating his wife's birthday. All three of these males have mentioned a "green monkey" before their death. The psychologist Saga, played by Goro Inagaki investigates this case. A young psychiatrist teams up with him to formulate the theory that includes the element of hypnosis.

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    contentLocation Tokyo
    director Masayuki Ochiai
    editor Kazuo Miyauchi
    genre horror saga thriller
    musicBy Kuniaki Hijima
    publisher Toho
    theme japanese japanese horror psychological thriller