Oka Manasu

Oka Manasu (English: One Heart) is a 2016 Telugu film written and directed by Rama Raju V Gottimukkala. It features Naga Shourya and Niharika Konidela in the lead roles, which marks Niharika debut in Telugu cinema. The film was released worldwide on 24 June 2016.


Sandhya (Niharika Konidela), a young medical student falls deeply in love at first sight with Surya (Naga Shourya) who is a youngster with political aspirations. Surya does small-time ‘settlements’ as he awaits a chance to contest at the local elections. Sandhya understands that the path ahead of her is not easy when she sees Surya roughing up people every now and then. Her mother (Pragathi) suggests Surya to leave politics for her daughter but Surya does not agree and follows his path because of his father's (Rao Ramesh) wish to see his son as an M.L.A. During one of the settlements which later becomes a serious issue leading to FIR being filed on Surya for S.C., S.T. Atrocities and he is arrested on those charges. After knowing Surya's arrest Sandya decides to wait for him but her mother convinces her to shift from Vijaya nagaram to vizag on hopes to forget Surya. 3 years Later with the help of his uncle (Rami reddy) who is an M.L.A. belonging to the opposition party in vizag, using his high influence Surya is released on bail, and tries to make a settlement to cancel the case on him. He comes to know that one of his friend (Mirchi Hemanth) betrayed him for his political aspirations and became an approver and he is now a municipal chairman to the Vijayanagara district. Surya meets him for a compromise, it leads to a fight and the situation becomes worse. Surya's father appoints Satya (Srinivas Avasarala), a practical man with no sentiments, as his advisor. They become good friends rather than a boss and employee because of Satya's straight forward nature and his loyalty towards him. Later in Vizag Surya meets Sandya, he advises Sandya to leave him because of his situation as there is no guarantee on his future but Sandya refuses to leave him and replies that she will wait for him for her entire life. Satya supports her decision and advises Surya keep it as a secret until the problem is solved. Surya and Sandya starts a live-in relationship without her mother's will. Surya starts helping in his uncle's election campaign.