Vandhaale Magaraasi

Vandhaale Magaraasi

Vandhaale Magaraasi is a 1973 Indian comedy film, directed by K. S. Gopalakrishnan and produced by Ashok Pictures. The film script was written by K. S. Gopalakrishnan, the film was shot at his own studio, Karpagam Studios. Music was by Sankar Ganesh. The film stars Jayalalithaa (in dual role) and M. N. Rajam, playing lead role, with Jaishankar, V. S. Raghavan, Cho Ramaswamy Pushpalatha and Bhagavathy in supporting roles.


Sundaram (Jaishankar) a doctor by profession and an orphan comes to his village, to serve the villagers. He is stunned to see the inhuman behavior meted out by his landlady Mangamma (M. N. Rajam) and her mother (C. K. Saraswathy) towards the other members of the house. The landlady's husband is Sivalingam (V. S. Raghavan), her brother (Cho Ramaswamy) and her mother-in-law (S. R. Janaki). The widow's step-daughter Uma (Pushpalatha) and her children undergo many miseries at their hands. To add to this, Lakshmi (Jayalalithaa) a simple village teacher, married the landlady Mangamma's brother. She was physically and mentally abused. Sundaram chances upon a look-like of Lakshmi, Rani (Jayalalithaa) and requests her to impersonate Lakshmi and teach Mangamma and her mother a lesson. Does Rani accept this proposal?