On Next Sunday

is a 2009 Japanese drama film directed by Satoki Kemmochi and stars Somegoro Ichikawa and Younha, and a soundtrack produced by Zentaro Watanabe.


Choi So-ra (Younha) wants to study film at the same university in Tokyo as her senior whom she has feelings for. When she gets there, she discovers that he has returned to Korea due to family circumstances. Feeling disappointed and alone, she struggles to adapt to life in Japan and is not motivated to pursue her filming. One day, she is in the toilet when the university janitor enters to repair a faulty lamp, causing her to scream in fear. She notices the same man again when he delivers a pizza to her house. In the campus, she finds that he always seems to be falling asleep while at work. Becoming curious about this middle-aged dishevelled-looking man called Shigeru Matsumoto (Somegoro Ichikawa), she decides to film him for a class project.