Kkusum is an Indian television series produced by Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms which aired on Sony Entertainment Television from 14 May 2001 to 30 November 2005. It was directed by Jasbir Bhati. The show follows the journey of a young, hardworking and middle class girl, Kkusum and later, after a 20 year leap on her daughter Kkumud.


This show is about a middle class girl, Kkusum Deshmukh (Nausheen Ali Sardar), everyone in her family is dependent on her. She becomes engaged to Prakash Chitre (Prakash Ramchandani), but Prakash leaves her because she isn't willing to leave her family with their responsibilities. Kkusum's parents are shattered. Then comes Nitin Kapoor (Nitin Trivedi), who asks Kkusum's hand in marriage for his son, Abhay Kapoor (Anuj Saxena) . Kkusum is shocked. But she meets him and puts forth a condition that she'll take her family's responsibilities after their marriage also. Abhay agrees with her. Kkusum is impressed with Abhay's progressive nature. They start meeting each other regularly and Kkusum gradually starts falling for Abhay. He always gifts her something. They happily marry each other.On their wedding night, he shows his weird sparks. He just tells her that he really likes her and pretends to go to sleep. She is confused. Weird incidents happen with the chandelier, snake, fire, etc. and Kkusum does not understand anything. Abhay also is having commitments with other girls. He is a playboy.