Oyster Village

Oyster Village

Oyster Village (; Seokhwachon) is a 1972 South Korean drama film directed by Jung Jin-woo. It was awarded Best Film at the Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony and was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival.


In an island village that makes its living from oyster fishing, the villagers believe that a dead person's soul cannot go to heaven until another person has died. After Byol-Rye's father drowns, her mother kills herself. Byol-Rye then marries a sickly man on the condition that his father helps Byol-Rye's mother go to heaven. Based on a novel.


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    director Jung Jin-woo
    editor Kim Hee-soo
    genre drama
    keywords dead person fish
    musicBy Han Sang-ki
    producer Jung Jin-woo
    publisher Woo Jin Films Co., Ltd.