Jaguar is a 1967 French ethnographic film directed by Jean Rouch. Set in the 1950s, it follows three men from Niger, Damouré, Lam, and Illo, who travel to the Gold Coast (now Ghana) for work. Much of the dialogue and narration in the film is provided by the three men themselves as they comment on their past experiences on their journey.


The film follows three men from Niger: Lam, a cowherd, Illo, a fisherman, and Damouré Zika, an educated dandy. After a brief introduction detailing their lives in Niger, they visit a fortune teller, who warns them that the journey will be difficult, but that things will be very good for them when they return. The fortune teller also recommends that the three protagonists split up when they arrive in Gold Coast, as well as suggesting that they would reunite later on.