Neeraba Jhada

Neeraba Jhada The silent storm is a 1984 award-winning Indian Oriya film directed by Manmohan Mahapatra, which depicts the realities of village existence, where dehumanized peasants still dream of a more fulfilling life.


In a remote village in Orissa, the villagers condition remain unchanged. Poverty & illiteracy have fostered their dependence on superstition. Most of the villagers have mortgaged their land to the landlord Janrdhan. Fear of traditional authority and sense of abject helplessness keep the villagers from protesting against their condition. perhaps it is such as muted rebellion that sent Malia mad. Janardhan's greed and the inability of the villagers to protest in the face of injustice, creates a situation where many of the villagers are forced to become contract labourers and the leave the village to earn a livelihood.Haria. who has no other means of raising money