Professor T.

Professor T.

Professor T. is a German TV crime-drama series set in Cologne about an eccentric professor at Cologne University, Jasper Thalheim, who is an advisor to the police. It is an adaptation from the Belgian TV series of the same name which has also a remake by the same name in France. There are four seasons with four episodes each, after which the series concluded. All episodes were aired on the German broadcasting channel ZDF.


Professor Jasper Thalheim – known to his students as Professor T. – is an expert for psychological criminology at the University of Cologne. For that, he is admired as well as redoubtable. T suffers from OCD: he wants everything to be in order and clean, wearing blue medical gloves most of the time. For his former student Anneliese Deckert and her colleague Daniel Winter – who both work for the criminal investigation department in Cologne – Professor T. is their only hope to solve almost unsolvable crimes.

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    contentLocation University of Cologne
    director Thomas Jahn
    genre crime drama
    keywords annoy criminal investigation ocd psychological disorders
    musicBy Jens Oettrich
    publisher ZDF
    theme police procedural