Ayodhya is a 2005 Tamil-language drama film written, produced and directed by R. Jayaprakash. The film stars newcomer Mohankumar, Ramana, Rekha Unnikrishnan and newcomer Ragini Nandwani, with Manivannan, J. Livingston, Charan Raj, Ilavarasu, Seetha, Saranya Ponvannan, Mayilsamy, Chitti Babu and Delhi Kumar playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Sabesh–Murali and was released on 28 January 2005.


Hussain Bhai (J. Livingston) and Sundaram Pillai (Charan Raj) were best friends in Ayodhyapuri near Nagercoil, a place where Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony. Hussain and Sundaram bought land to build a factory at that place. Hussain was married to Jameela (Saranya Ponvannan), while Sundaram married Seetha (Seetha) under Hussain and Jameela's blessings. Jameela and Seetha then became pregnant. Jameela, who had suffered a miscarriage, feared to lose her baby. In the meantime, Sabapathy (Manivannan), who was a troublemaker, turned the friends into enemies for his own personal gain. This issue was taken by the villagers, and the village split into two with Muslims on one side and Hindus on the other side. Later, Seetha and Jameela gave birth in the same hospital the same day. Fearing that Jameela's baby may die, Seetha switched the babies in their cradles, but Jameela knew about it.