Stars and Roses

Stars and Roses

Stars and Roses (orig. Ai ren tong zhi)is a 1989 Hong Kong drama film directed by Taylor Wong starring Andy Lau as a photo journalist from Hong Kong and Cherie Chung as a Vietnamese translator.


Lau Kai Cho (Andy Lau) travels to Vietnam for a story. Once in Vietnam, he briefly meets Yuen Hung (Cherie Chung), a translator and is involved in an accident after crashing a motorised rickshaw. The courts hand him a prison sentence in a strict prison where he is subject to a number of horrible punishments.

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    contentLocation Vietnam
    director Taylor Wong
    editor A Chik Chung Chik
    genre drama
    keywords prison sentence
    musicBy Lo Ta-yu
    producer Yuen Kam Lun
    productionCompany Chun Sing Films
    publisher Chun Sing Films