Red Courage

Red Courage is a lost 1921 American Western film directed by B. Reeves Eason and featuring Hoot Gibson.


As described in a film magazine, Pinto Peters (Gibson) and his pal Chuckwalla Bill (Day) ride into town just as the editor of the local newspaper is being urged to leave by a gang of thugs led by Joe Reedly (Girard). The pair give the editor $100 and get a bill of sale for the newspaper, only to find out later that Reedly holds a mortgage of $200 against it. This they pay off and start a campaign to clean up the town. They meet with considerable opposition until they enlist the services of Judge Fay (Cummings). When Pinto runs for sheriff and defeats the tool of Reedly, everything is smooth sailing. The crooks are run out of town, money that was about to be stolen is restored to Jane (Malone), the ward of Reedly, and Pinto after several hard fights wins her hand.