In Transit

In Transit (originally titled In Tranzit) is a 2008 Russian-British drama film based on the true story of German prisoners of war in a Soviet work camp after World War II. The film was directed by Tom Roberts, and stars Thomas Kretschmann, Daniel Brühl, Vera Farmiga, and John Malkovich.


In the winter of 1946, in Leningrad, a group of German prisoners of war are sent to a female transit camp by the cruel Russian Colonel Pavlov (John Malkovich). When they arrive, the Russian female soldiers show hostility to the prisoners on the grounds that have killed their families and friends; only Dr. Natalia (Vera Farmiga) and the cook treat the prisoners with dignity.

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    contentLocation Soviet Union
    director Tom Roberts
    editor Paul Carlin
    events World War II
    genre drama
    keywords attack female soldier hide kill leningrad wound
    musicBy Dan Jones
    producer Jimmy de Brabant Kami Naghdi Michael Dounaev
    publisher Peace Arch Films
    recordedAt Russia
    theme war