Aatmabalam is a 1985 Indian Telugu-language musical thriller film, produced by J. M. Naidu, K. Muthayala Rao under the Sri Valli Productions banner and directed by Tatineni Prasad. The film stars Nandamuri Balakrishna and Bhanupriya, with music composed by Chakravarthy. It is a remake of the Hindi film Karz (1980).


The film begins with Anand Kumar Bhupathi, a tycoon who emerges victorious over his antagonist, Puligaolla Varhavataram, in a legal battle. In that carnival atmosphere, he encounters his love interest, Maya, a fortune-hunter who is in cahoots with Varhavataram. Now, the newlywed proceeds to their estate for the blessing of Anand's mother Rani Vijaya Durga Devi. In between, vicious Maya slays her husband near a temple of Goddess Kaali when deranged Durga Devi dictates the goddess to give back her son. Years roll by, and Durga Prasad a famous pop singer is the reincarnation of Anand and he crushes on a beauty Vaishali. Once, in his show, he performs a tune allured by Anand which haunts him of his previous life memories. After his medical checkup, his doctor suggests that he should relax for a while.