Connecting Rooms

Connecting Rooms is a 1970 British drama film written and directed by Franklin Gollings. The screenplay is based on the play The Cellist by Marion Hart. The film stars Bette Davis, Michael Redgrave, and Leo Genn.


The plot explores the relationships shared by the residents of a seedy boarding house owned by dour Mrs. Brent. Among them are busker Wanda Fleming, who is flattered by the attention paid her by rebellious pop songwriter wannabe Mickey Hollister, and former schoolmaster James Wallraven, who has been accused of pedophilia and reduced to working as a janitor in an art gallery.

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    contentLocation London
    director Franklin Gollings
    editor Jack Slade
    genre drama
    keywords art gallery boarding house busk busker
    musicBy John Carter
    producer Franklin Gollings Harry Field
    productionCompany Hemdale Film Corporation
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    recordedAt Pinewood Studios