The Big Lez Show

The Big Lez Show is an Australian comedy web series created by Jarrad Wright. The show originally premiered on YouTube on 16 July 2012 and concluded on 26 January 2019.


Big Lez is a humanoid alien who was banished from his home world, the fictional planet of Kingdom Cum. Lez lives in Brown Town with his adopted son Quinton and across the street from his brother, and arch-enemy, Norton. Next door to Lez lives his friends Sassy and Donny, a pair of mysterious and occasionally omniscient sasquatches, who are often the main instigators of their various misadventures. The show's plot revolves around Lez' journey to return to his home planet, and later his war against his family and their army of yellow creatures. He is aided on his quest by several other characters including Mike Nolan, a cigarette-smoking hardman, and Clarence, a mutated Kingdom Cumian that is often on the receiving end of both physical and mental abuse from the other characters. The show's content varies from drawing humour in mundane day-to-day activities between Lez and his friends to large, grand adventures where they take on the show's antagonists, the Choomahs.