Air Force One

Air Force One is a 1997 American political action thriller film directed and co-produced by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson, Xander Berkeley, William H. Macy, Dean Stockwell, and Paul Guilfoyle. It was written by Andrew W. Marlowe. It is about a group of terrorists who hijack Air Force One and the president's attempt to rescue everyone on board by retaking his plane.


A combined Russian-American special forces operation captures General Ivan Radek, the dictator of Kazakhstan. Three weeks later, U.S. President James Marshall attends a diplomatic dinner in Moscow, during which he praises the capture and insists the U.S will no longer negotiate with terrorists. Marshall and his inner circle, including his wife Grace and 12-year-old daughter Alice, and several of his Cabinet and advisers, prepare to return to the U.S. on Air Force One. In addition, members of the press have been invited aboard, including six Radek loyalists disguised as journalists: Egor Korshunov, Andrei Kolchak, Sergei Lenski, Igor Nevsky, Boris Bazylev and Vladimir Krasin.

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    contentLocation Kazakhstan Moscow Ramstein-Miesenbach Washington, D.C.
    director Wolfgang Petersen
    editor Richard Francis-Bruce
    events aircraft hijacking aviation terrorism
    genre action political thriller
    keywords 25th amendment aerial refueling air base air force one cargo hold caspian sea chief of staff defense secretary deputy press secretary emergency landing escape pod f-15s fall injured inner circle kc-10 kc-10 extender kill land last second lockheed mc-130 major mc-130 mcdonnell douglas f-15 eagle medal of honor mid-air refueling mig-29s mikoyan mig-29 military training missile mole national security national security advisor no longer negotiate with terrorists no negotiation with terrorists para-jumpers president of russia president of the united states r-73 ramstein air base release from prison russian president secret service soviet union special forces special operations forces the white house train twenty-fifth amendment to the united states constitution u.s. president united states air force pararescue united states secret service united states secretary of defense veteran of the vietnam war vice president vice president of the united states vietnam veteran vietnam war wait white house white house chief of staff white house press secretary wound
    musicBy Jerry Goldsmith
    nomination Academy Award for Best Film Editing Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing
    producer Armyan Bernstein Gail Katz Jonathan Shestack
    productionCompany Beacon Pictures Columbia Pictures Touchstone Pictures
    publisher Buena Vista International Sony Pictures Releasing
    recordedAt Los Angeles Moscow Russia
    theme disaster political thriller terrorism