Hockey Night is a 1984 Canadian coming-of-age television drama film by Canadian screenwriters Jack Blum and Paul Shapiro. It stars Megan Follows, Yannick Bisson, and Rick Moranis. It was released on December 14, 1984.


Cathy Yarrow arrives in Parry Sound, Ontario with her mother and sister from Toronto following the separation of her parents. As the town has no team for girls, she attends tryouts for the local boys' hockey team, and wins a spot as one of the team's goaltenders. Even after she plays well in the first couple of games, the team sponsor indicates displeasure at having a female on the team, and threatens to withdraw his sponsorship. The young players must then decide whether to continue with or without Cathy.

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    director Paul Shapiro
    genre drama
    publisher Canadian Broadcasting Corporation