I Love Lucy, a.k.a. I Love Lucy: The Movie is a 1953 American feature film spin-off of the sitcom I Love Lucy. Except for one test screening in Bakersfield, California, the film was never theatrically released and was shelved.


The film plays out with three first-season episodes edited together into a single story: "The Benefit", "Breaking the Lease", and "The Ballet", with new footage included between episodes to help transition the episodes into one coherent storyline. As the series routinely took the format of filming scenes in chronological order, this adds to the "show within a show within a show" format of the film, as viewers watch the cast perform the episodes live. The film itself ends with a "curtain call", as the cast comes out and Arnaz thanks the audience for their support.

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    director Edward Sedgwick Marc Daniels
    editor Dann Cahn
    genre comedy
    keywords curtain call
    musicBy Eliot Daniel
    producer Jess Oppenheimer
    productionCompany Desilu
    publisher CBS Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Paramount Home Entertainment