The Shakedown

The Shakedown

The Shakedown is a 1959 crime-drama film directed by John Lemont, starring Terence Morgan, Hazel Court, and Donald Pleasence. It was filmed in the United Kingdom.


Augie Cortona (Terence Morgan), a newly released convict, opens up a photographic studio that serves as a front for erotic photography and blackmail activities. He runs into trouble with a rival gangster, and bitter warfare erupts. Scotland Yard track down Cortona by employing an undercover female model Mildred Eyde (Hazel Court) to infiltrate the ex-con's set-up. However, Midred Eyde and Augie Cortona begin a romantic affair which complicates the operation. Eventually one of Augie Cortona's blackmail victims John Arnold (John Salew) is blackmailed too far and shoots Cortona several times until he is very close to death. As Cortona lays dying, he realizes that Mildred is an undercover policewoman. Miidred kneels down to comfort him but with his last breath Cortona says the word "Bitch" to her. The film ends with Mildred slowly walking away visibly upset.