Calle luna, Calle sol

Calle luna, Calle sol (English title: World's Apart) is a Venezuelan telenovela developed by José Vicente Quintana and produced by RCTV in 2009 as a free adaptation of the telenovela Marielena that was produced by the same channel in 1979.


Calle Luna, Calle Sol is a telenovela contrasting folk and urban culture. It shows two completely different realities: that of the rich and the poor, and what differentiates the two groups. In both neighborhoods, major developments speak for themselves and their realities are moved each of the characters. In the story, Maria Esperanza is a young, humble, studious, and hardworking young woman who has suffered from poverty due to the irresponsibility of her father, who comes and goes from her house. Even in the midst of these circumstances, she grew up with strong values, dedicated to making something of herself. However, her plans could be disrupted by her emotional struggles. Despite this turmoil, Maria Esperanza will fight to keep the love of his family and overcome her emotional trials and tribulations.