Trophy Kids

Trophy Kids is a 2011 film directed by Josh Sugarman, produced by Brandon Yankowitz, and written by the pair. Trophy Kids stars Ryan Eggold, David Gallagher, Tahyna Tozzi, Nathan Lee Graham, Tibor Feldman, Tania Raymonde, David Thornton, Chris Beetem, Adam Grupper, Eleanor Reissa, and Isiah Whitlock, Jr.


To win the celebrity and self-made wealth he craves, an aimless, twenty-something Manhattan playboy devises a film based on his party-boy, club-going lifestyle, and hires a self-destructive aspiring playwright to ghost the feature script. As the mismatched pair struggles to complete the script and get a handle on their misdirected lives, they reveal the sometimes comedic, sometimes tragic behaviors of 'Generation Y'- a generation taught to believe each was incomparably special and messianically gifted. Though they begin to vie for the affections of the same girl, and their chance at success and happiness threatens to crumble, they ultimately each find their own, unique life truths.

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    director Josh Sugarman
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords gift same girl
    producer Brandon Yankowitz
    recordedAt New York City